Friday, September 24, 2010

Meet Kate.

Hello everyone! I'm Kate. First off, a bit about myself . . .

I'm a 20 year old college student majoring in Letters, Arts, and Sciences (the major of the indecisive) for Art & Entrepreneurship.  I'm not exactly sure where it will lead me, but I'm hoping to discover that as I go.  When thinking about my future, I always ask myself what it is I like to do, and the most simplified answer I can come up with is: I like to make things.  In particular, I like to sew and do other craft-type things.  I may not always have the time (or money), but it is my favorite thing to do and I genuinely wish I did it more often.

As for this blog, it will be my attempt to keep in touch with my creativity and to be inspired by others to improve and expand my crafting skills.  I'm inspired by the blogs of other talented "craft people," and if I try maybe I will become one of those people and inspire others as well.  I'm also counting on the constant blogging to keep me from slacking.

I can't quite remember when I started sewing; I think I was about 11 or 12.  I know my skills have certainly improved a lot since then, but there is still a lot to learn! Besides sewing, I've tried both crocheting and knitting - I'm not great at either yet, I keep stopping and then getting back into it again.  Recently I've been doing more "by hand" projects, due in part to not always having access to a sewing machine.  I'm trying more sewing by hand, mostly with appliques and with a few projects I made recently for my new niece.  I've also recently made my first attempt at embroidery and hope to do more with it soon.

By far my favorite achievement sewing and craft-wise has been my senior project in high school.  I did the costume design for our spring musical, The Pajama Game, and sewed several of the costumes along with altering and adjusting many others.  I don't have any pictures of current projects to show yet, so here are some amazing photos a local photographer took of The Pajama Game.  You can see the whole gallery here.

I made this dress!
I made the green dress in this picture too.

I made the orange and the blue/white dresses in this picture.
 I suppose that's all for now - I will try to post some projects very soon!

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  1. I love your designs! You're quite talented. My favorite is the red dress! I'm really excited to keep up with your future projects and see your new pictures!