Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another One!

I crocheted another hat, this time a slouchy one. I just sort of used trial and error to get the shape by trying it on as I went, so I had to pull out a lot of stitches. It definitely took longer than it should have! I'm not completely happy with the shape first it looked sort of like a beret, but then the opening was a bit too tight, but now when it's not on my head it's sort of shaped like a chef's hat...but way less poofy. Oh well, it looks pretty good on my head, and I'll make more hats to practice the shape.  I know I could easily look up a slouchy hat crochet pattern but I figured I would play around with it myself for practice.

I laced some blue yarn and tied it in a bow just to add some color. I crocheted some flowers that I thought about adding instead, but I didn't like how it looked. Maybe I'll put them on another hat!


  1. I think the hat looks great. I'm sure I couldn't have made one that looked that good even with a pattern. The blue bow complements the brown nicely.