Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Button, button, who's got the button?

I started this wrap skirt a week or so ago and tried to finish it up last night. But the way turned out was way too bulky and awkward, mostly because of how gathered the fabric is, and I was too groggy and tired to think about how to fix it. This morning I cut some of the width off and cut off the tie straps, instead putting buttonholes to hook it (although it will need a hook & eye at the edge of the waistband too). I guess it's better now, but I still think it might not wrap quite right because of the lining...suppose I could cut that out though. We'll see!

Don't mind the wrinkles, I didn't have time to iron!

As you can see, it still has no buttons. Failure on my part - I brought it over to school so I could add the buttons and be finished...alas, I have only one of the buttons I want to add:

Sigh...no finished skirt for me. I know the other button is somewhere in my masses of stuff, but I don't see it here. I don't have a hook & eye here to finish it either, though. So it'll have to wait. Once it's done I will post pictures of me wearing it.

Maybe I should just go buy another set of buttons and some hook & eye sets. They're always good to have, and I need some other things as well.  I've been really needing some new disappearing fabric markers for a long time now! Mine have been dried out, and they're wonderful things to have. I also wanted to pick up some fabric paint and perhaps browse the scrap fabrics, as usual. JoAnn Fabrics, expect me soon!

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