Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Give Freezer Paper a Chance.

Okay, so I've seen on so many blogs the wonderful things people have done with freezer paper stenciling.  I decided to finally try it out on Saturday since I saw we happened to have freezer paper at home.  Since it was John Lennon's would-be 70th birthday, I decided I would do a stencil for the occasion.  I followed this extremely helpful tutorial from "MADE" along with their accompanying tutorial for making a posterized image stencil.  This was probably not the best choice for my first freezer paper stenciling project since it's more complex than a basic outline, but hey, I like a good challenge sometimes.
This is the image I started with:

As the "MADE" tutorial suggests, I made a "posterized" version using Picnik to reduce it to basic highlights and shadows.  Here are photos of some of the steps along the process as I followed their tutorial...

Outlining the image (before it was scanned and flipped)
Tracing the image onto the freezer paper
Cutting out the image
Finished stencil
All the pieces ironed on
Painting in exposed areas
Peeling off freezer paper (after I let it dry)

I used the negative of the cut pieces for my sister's shirt.
The finished products
 Yay for freezer paper stenciling! The only bad thing is that I didn't have any fabric paint on hand so I used acrylic.  I saw on several other blogs that it can be used as well, and saw here that it can be set with vinegar instead of using a textile medium, so that's what I did...we'll see how it holds up! Both shirts seemed to come out really well. The only thing that didn't is on my shirt, the yellow "imagine" has cracks now after it went through the dryer, but it doesn't look too bad.  I think maybe the paint went on too thick.  Also on my shirt, it's faint but a bit of the paint seems to have seeped under the paper by his ear, so it must not have been ironed down completely there.
Despite these couple of problems, it went pretty well for such a difficult first attempt! I can't wait to do more, and I'll try actual fabric paint.  Also the blue shirt wasn't the best choice for painting, since it's pretty tight and the image stretches. Now I know for next time!

Happy Birthday, John!


  1. AWESOME shirts! thanks for sharing with me!

  2. Oh my god that is completely awesome in every way! what an awesome way to celebrate his birthday :P

  3. Near the beginning of your post, you said that you should have started out with an easier project. I was expecting the final products to be noticeably flawed, but they came out great (especially the blue shirt). You seem to have quite a knack for crafts.

  4. This is an awesome project! I think I'm going to try this. Hopefully mine t-shirt will come out half as nice as your t-shirt did.

  5. Thanks! :)

    Awesome, you should definitely try it, it's pretty fun!