Sunday, October 10, 2010

I get by with a little help from my friends.

I made some friendship bracelets! Surprisingly, I've never tried before. I've made many hemp bracelets before, but never the woven bracelets with craft thread. I'm not sure why, cause they're fun! And pretty easy...I guess that's why kids make them a lot. Haha...

I think I did the green and white one's supposed to be the same as the blue and purple one, the "inverse chevron" pattern, but I did the center strings differently...not quite sure I've caught on yet. Any tips?

This one is my favorite. I like the colors together, and I just think it turned out really neat and even.
I will definitely be making more of these, and hopefully I'll get better at them. They're fun because they're pretty quick and you get to play around with color combinations. Now I just need to make some friends to give my bracelets to... Just kidding! I have friends, really!  : )


  1. those look awesome, but what i really want to say is great work on the website title! it looks awesome, good job!