Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Make Boring Shirts Fun.

Here are some of my earliest embroidery projects I did last year. I like to take plain old boring t-shirts and make them not boring! Yay! An inexpensive and easy way to wear something that you've created (err, well...decorated).

I believe the brown shirt was the very first one I did...and the design on the white one is something I would always doodle in the corners of my notes during class, so I decided to put it on a shirt!

Here's another shirt I did with an applique I sewed on by hand with a blanket stitch:

I really like this shirt and want to do more things like this. I don't know why but I really liked these fabrics together too. I made the mistake with this one, though, of using a shirt with really stretchy fabric...oops! It still looks pretty good though, but now I know for next time.


  1. I really love the vine design you embroidered on your t-shirt. Very cute! Did you make up the design yourself?

  2. Are you going to do this entire shirt with the applique or are you just doing the corner piece? I think that it would look really trendy if you did the entire front of the shirt like that but in like a zebra strip pattern but still use the same fabric.

  3. Co-op Love: Thanks! Yes, I made the design myself, it's just something I always doodle...

    Kate: I actually just did the corner piece, this shirt has been done for about a year and I've worn it a lot. Haha... That's a good idea though, maybe I'll do another shirt where I cover the entire front. :)