Monday, October 4, 2010

I Sewed Stuff! Yay!

What an awesome feeling! I haven't actually used my sewing machine in awhile and it desperately needed some lovin! For one thing I can only use it when I'm home on the weekends so that kinda cuts out any big projects. We have two, though, so I'm thinking of maybe taking one of them over to school with me - the hard part is figuring out where to put it in the house over there so that I don't bug my roommates!

For the first shirt, I found this old shirt of my dad's which I decided to revamp. At first I wanted to maybe add some elastic around the waist and in the ends of the sleeves but changed my plans as I went...maybe I'll do that to a different shirt later.
Anyway, here's the shirt before I did anything to it:

And after:

Basically, I took it in on the sides, added darts in the back as well as slits, then added  a tie in the back.  Also, the shoulders were still really wide so I folded up each sleeve a bit and tacked them up with heart-shaped buttons. It makes the shirt a little more girly...I'm pretty happy with it, although the fit is still a little off in a couple of places since it was a men's shirt.  Pretty easy though, and maybe I can perfect the fit thing with other shirts. I love doing clothes make-overs, so you'll probably see more things like this in the future...

Here's the second project.  These flowy vests with lace in the back seem to be really popular right now.  They seemed really simple to make too so I figured I'd give it a shot.  My sister has a few so I looked at one of hers and used it as a guide to make this one.  I just used some scrap gray jersey fabric I bought at Walmart a while back and a white doily I found lying around.

I'm actually really happy with how this turned out.  I wasn't sure about the doily at first but I think it looks great with the strips of fabric on each side, which coincidentally keeps it from unraveling.  Way cheaper than buying these in the stores! I definitely plan on making more for my sister and me. : )

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  1. Using a doily for the lace on the back of the vest was very clever. It seems like something someone would do on one of those HGTV shows that my mom likes to watch.