Friday, October 15, 2010

Sweater Purse!

I finished the purse I had started in this post.  I made it out of an old out-of-date sweater that we were getting rid of...I think this put it to pretty good use!
Since the last post, I used yarn to gather the bottom. I just sort of played around with it to see what looked good...I stitched it closed with the same pink yarn. I wanted it to kind of look...intentionally messy, I guess you could say.  I actually wish you could see all of the stitches though. Some of them disappeared in the grooves of the sweater knitting.  
I'm not always a fan of bags that just hang open, so I added this crocheted loop and button on the inside to keep it somewhat closed. As you can see, I also added the braided yarn straps.

I'd say it came together quite nicely. I love how the pink color of the lining and the straps matches the little pink flecks in the yarn of the sweater. I love re-purposing...or upcycling...or whatever you want to call it. : )


  1. Okay so I am semi-obsessed with this bag. It's so vintage I love it! You are so creative I'm jealous. If I had your talent I could save soo much money because I wouldn't have to buy my vintage handbags I could just make them! I really think you should start selling your stuff!

  2. Haha thank you so much! Maybe I really should think about selling stuff if other people would like it as much as you seem to. :)