Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Touch of Triangles

While browsing through some craft blogs for a quick and simple project, I found the perfect thing.  The Crafty Fox has this great tutorial for crocheted triangle garland.  How cute!  I needed something in my room to give it a more crafty feel, anyway, so this is the perfect quick decoration project.  The directions are really easy to follow, too. Nothing in my room really matches anyway, so I made mine with some old  brown and pink yarn I had.

Well, I guess they kind of blend in with all the pictures here. haha

Voila! These are so fun and really quick to make, so I will definitely make more in other colors. I can put them EVERYWHERE! Well...maybe not. But they're still fun.


  1. It turned out FANTASTIC!! Great job! :D Stay tuned every Monday for a D.I.Y on my blog. Happy crafting!

  2. For some reason I think these would look really cute if they were aranged in some way on like a table, kind of bunched together or something and then with candles on top of them. Which may not be a safe suggestion. They are cute though and they look good hanging like that!