Sunday, December 5, 2010

New York, New York

Shawn and I went on a bus trip to NYC yesterday. It was kind of exhausting, but awesome. We wanted to see a show, and ended up going to Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.  Shawn really wanted to see it. It's kind of perfect for him, since he's a theater and a history major.  Plus, it closes January 2nd, so he probably wouldn't have seen it at all if we hadn't yesterday. So I bought the tickets as his Christmas present, and I must say it was a good choice! So funny, and unlike anything you'd see anywhere else. To give you a clue, the tagline is "History just got all sexypants," and Andrew Jackson is sort of like an emo rock star. Hehe...pure awesomeness. We also went to the Met and had a lot of fun just walking around New York.

The trip was a lot of fun, but now I've got more catching up to do with school projects and such. Ugh. Once again, I have done almost no crafting either. I tried knitting on the bus but it didn't work out too well. And now I have to head to my mom's Valley Voices concert so I won't be able to do any schoolwork until later tonight. Last minute as usual!

I realized I forgot to add a picture, so here's us in front of the Rockefeller Center tree!

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  1. Sounds super fun! I'm going the weekend of the 18th to celebrate my birthday and I can't wait. I'm just worried about how cold it will be by then.