Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thrifting Finds

I try to stop at Goodwill from time to time to see if anything catches my eye. Sometimes you come across really good stuff! I stopped there the other day on my way home and found a few things. First of all, I found some skirts. I've been really craving more skirts lately. These aren't necessarily the kind of skirts I wanted, but I liked them anyway. And I always feel guilty buying skirts and dresses because I could easily make them, but for some reason the other day I was just in the mood to buy some stuff. These skirts are all really simple, and I got them figuring I can maybe revamp them in some way to make them more exciting.

 This one's super comfy...

 And twirly! Wee!

I think I like this one the best.

 This one's fun, but I think it fits a little funny...hmm...there may be some adjustments to be made.

I also took a look at the Christmas decorations...and I found this Santa bed!

Okay, so there's a story behind the Santa bed. In my family, we have one just like this that my mom made way back in the 70s in a ceramics class. Every Christmas, we get it out and it promptly holds our peanut M&Ms. When I saw this one on the shelf in Goodwill it was so weird! I'd never seen another Santa bed, so I knew I had to get it. It has the name and date carved in the bottom, and I think it was made around the same time my mom made hers. I'm thinking I might clean it up, repaint it, and give it to my sister for Christmas so she can have her own Santa bed at her house. : )
 I also found this deer...isn't he cute?

I think I'm going to clean him up and repaint him as well since his current paint job isn't the best.

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