Thursday, January 27, 2011

no time

It's been way too long since I've done a blog post. I'm in the swing of the semester now, and classes are keeping me pretty busy. I keep wishing I could sew or crochet or knit or do something crafty. But I tell myself no, I have homework to do. And the crafting that I have done isn't anything exciting. I've been (STILL) finishing up some scarves that were supposed to be Christmas presents. I'm horrible, I know!

Alas, I promise I have a somewhat exciting post planned for tomorrow. Yay!

For now, I give you Slow Club. I've been listening to them a lot lately, and this song is one of my favorites. Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Art Journaling

I decided I want to try to start keeping an art journal. I've always thought it seemed like such a lovely, whimsical style of just doodle, jot down random thoughts, and keep track of inspiration. I feel like I should set a goal to make sure I keep up with it, but I have a feeling I won't keep up. So, I think I'm going to say I'll put something in it at least twice a week. That seems fairly reasonable.

Anyway, I just grabbed an old composition book we had. I didn't have much here to decorate it with, so I ended up using paint samples and, of course, black duct tape. The strap is an old headband.

It's simple, but I like it. Simple is good sometimes. Plus, rainbow colors are always inspiring, don't ya think? :)

I'm really excited to start doing this, though. I'm wayyy indecisive and tend to stare at the page/fabric/etc for a long time before I finally start doing a project. Hopefully this kind of impulsive, artistic spew of whatever's on my mind will help me get over that.

Do you keep an art journal?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Pencil Case

I whipped up this cute little pencil case tonight out of fabric from an old pair of pants.

Buttons make everything cuter!

Now I have something to carry my pencils to drawing class. :)

New (kind of) shoes!

I was inspired by all of the shoe re-dos by See Kate Sew and decided to re-do a pair of my own.

I bought these extremely pink shoes at Walmart for $3. I wore them for Halloween and never since. They were just a little too much pink for me. 

Sooo, I took off the bows, spray painted them blue, crocheted a ruffle for them, and hot glued it on...

 Et voila!

I really like how the crocheted part looks.

So, what do you think? I'm not sure how well the paint will hold up, but I can always touch them up!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Out of Hibernation / Drawing

Today is my first day back to classes after my too-short winter break. I've had two classes so far, which went pretty well. I'm pretty excited about my drawing class. I'd say it's pretty basic as far as artistic skills go, but I've never been that great at it. I mean, I can look at a picture or something and draw on paper what I see...

 This is from way back in 2006, I think.

Other than that I just do doodles in my notes. I've never been able to put on paper what I see in my mind and it's kinda frustrating. So this class will give me lots of drawing practice! Hopefully I'll be better at sketching out project ideas and designs...and drawing for fun, of course. :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

See Kate Sew Giveaway

Check out this super exciting giveaway at See Kate Sew!

There's a lot of great stuff in there. Your chance to enter ends this Wednesday, January 12!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'll give you the world.

I finished this embroidery project for my sister Ali's birthday. I had talked about the idea before on here, originally for a Christmas present. As with many other things, though, I didn't get around to it...oops! Oh well, it makes a good birthday present! As you can tell, it's a map of part of the world. Ali studied abroad and traveled around a lot, so I've marked with yellow "x"s everywhere she's been outside of the US.

I also embroidered a heart where home is, here in good old PA!

I must say, this might be my favorite thing that I've embroidered. What do you think?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Skirt Makeover

Why would I buy this old lady skirt, you may ask? Well, first of all it was only two dollars. And for some reason I liked the flower part, so I thought I could do something with it.

Last night I tackled it, and after taking it in a little and taking off the bottom part, this is what it became:

It's much better now, no? In hardly any time, I've got a whole new skirt!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm Back!

I know, I know. I said I was going to keep up with this blog even though my class is over. But in all honesty, I needed a break, so the blog has kind of been on hiatus. It's winter break and I've been busy with holiday and family stuff and catching up on my sleep. I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Mine was pretty good. I love giving presents to people, especially since this year I made a lot of them. I didn't finish all of them on time, though, so I had to give some IOUs! Oops! So I'm still catching up on presents. And now I'm pausing that to work on my sister's birthday presents for next week. Needless to say, there's a lot on my to-do list!

Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of everything I gave to people (a lot of them were hats and things I had already posted on here) but everyone liked their presents! Here are a few that I happened to get pictures of.

 I made this journal for my sister Ali out of an old Reader's Digest. We got a whole box full of them for free! I tore out the old pages, hot glued in lined pages, and covered the binding with black duct tape. It's the first thing I've done like this so I'm not sure how well it will hold up.

 I made a pocket out of scrapbook paper - probably the worst part of it, it's a little rough.

 The pages are old school notebook paper that I cut down to size with an X-acto knife. A little scrappy, but I like the rough, handmade look.

Isn't the cover pretty?

 I made these mini notebooks for my other sister, Missie.

 For the covers I used old wallpaper samples which I laminated.

 I sewed all of the pages together. And once again used duct tape as binding. Man, that stuff is useful! :)

 This is for my sister, Missie. I framed a picture of her baby girl, little miss Celie, and embroidered her name and birth info onto fabric I used as the background. I actually hadn't finished this in time for Christmas so I still have to give it to her - I can't wait!

 I'm still not the best at embroidery, but I think it turned out pretty good.

 I also made some last minute jewelry for Ali. These are like the earrings I crocheted before, but I hot glued buttons in the center which makes them so much cuter! Ali loved them so that's good. :)

Another pair of earrings I made.

Overall it was a pretty crafty Christmas! Along with my normal presents, I got some awesome craft supplies like super hefty scissors and cutting supplies, yarn, and a couple of Joann's gift cards. I also got The Handmade Marketplace which I'm excited to read.

Even though we're already a couple of days in, I'm still trying to list my New Year's resolutions. (I guess I'm a little behind on everything.) I'll post on that tomorrow. Happy New Year everyone!