Thursday, June 23, 2011

21 + dress redo

Monday was my 21st birthday. I still can't believe it, it always seemed so far away...
Originally my sisters had planned for us to go on a trip to go wine tasting. But everyone lost track of time somehow and that didn't happen. I still had a good time drinking wine at home though!
I also got a birthday haircut! I'll post pictures later.

For now, I have some pictures of another upcycling project I did last week.
Sooo, I bought this dress at Walmart a while ago because it was super cheap and I figured I could do something with it...

minus the sleeves and neckline, and plus some elastic equals...

It looks way cuter with a vintage belt!

Pictures like this always seem to happen with my mom as photographer...

The dress is now wearable! There are a couple things I would have done differently, but overall it turned out pretty well! The belt adds a lot and I think it would look good with tights, too. A simple, cool summer dress!


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  2. Great dress! And Happy Birthday for Monday :)

    You make changing the style of a dress look so simple.

    Talitha xx