Friday, July 29, 2011

It's time to DANCE!

Happy Friday everyone! Does anyone else feel like this summer is going by way too fast? I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to take pictures of anything to post! I have been crafting a lot though! I've been working on some stuff which I will hopefully start selling on Etsy before I go back to school. I didn't want to post any of that stuff until I open my store, so I'll show you other stuff in the meantime.

So, my niece's first birthday is coming up. Her favorite show is Yo Gabba Gabba and she absolutely LOVES DJ Lance. She smiles every time he comes on the screen. So I decided to embroider this onesie for her.

I can't wait to give it to her, she'll look so cute! And I have a feeling my sister will get a kick out of it too. :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lace Earrings

I saw this cute DIY for lace hoop earrings from The Perfect Pear the other day, so I figured I would try them out. I've actually been thinking about using lace in earrings for a while, and I love how these turned out! So simple.

The only difference is I sewed mine the whole way around so the stitching would be even (since you can see the black thread)

This week's almost over already, but I hope those of you celebrating the 4th of July had fun last weekend!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Skirt Hem to Infinity Scarf DIY

I've had this hem that I cut off of this skirt a while ago. I figured I could do something with it, so I decided it would be perfect to make a lightweight infinity scarf! This is so simple, and it's perfect if you have a skirt that you'd like to be shorter, anyway!

This is what I started with.
  I used a seam ripper to undo the hem. If you think the amount you cut off the skirt is wide enough, you can just cut off the hem. Keep in mind you'll be folding it in half, so it will be half as wide.
 Cut the circle along one of the side seams so that it is now a long strip of fabric. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise with right sides together and sew along the edge, leaving the ends open.
 Now you'll have a long tube. Flip it so the right side is out and iron about 1/2 inch to the inside of the tube.
 Twist the tube once in the middle. This makes it an "infinity" scarf.
 Tuck the raw end of the tube into the ironed end. Pin together and sew.
 Ta-da! That's it. You could easily do this with just a strip of fabric too, but it's good to use up scraps from other clothing!
I know those are weeds in the yard, but I thought they looked pretty so I wanted to lay down in the grass.
Have a good weekend, everyone! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

21 + dress redo

Monday was my 21st birthday. I still can't believe it, it always seemed so far away...
Originally my sisters had planned for us to go on a trip to go wine tasting. But everyone lost track of time somehow and that didn't happen. I still had a good time drinking wine at home though!
I also got a birthday haircut! I'll post pictures later.

For now, I have some pictures of another upcycling project I did last week.
Sooo, I bought this dress at Walmart a while ago because it was super cheap and I figured I could do something with it...

minus the sleeves and neckline, and plus some elastic equals...

It looks way cuter with a vintage belt!

Pictures like this always seem to happen with my mom as photographer...

The dress is now wearable! There are a couple things I would have done differently, but overall it turned out pretty well! The belt adds a lot and I think it would look good with tights, too. A simple, cool summer dress!

Friday, June 17, 2011

I heart upcycling!

I just wanted to do a quick post of an old men's polo shirt I upcycled into a simple tank top.


...aaaand after:

yep, that's my mom's reflection in the window. haha

It's a lot tighter than what I had in mind, but it still works. And the flowers make it fun.
Well, I'm off to help my sister paint her apartment. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vintage patterns!

I couldn't pass up these 1970s dress patterns I found at Goodwill recently. There was a whole basketful, I couldn't not get a few! Plus, I only paid a quarter for each of them.

I was especially excited about this McCall's pattern, because it's from 1976 - the year my parents got married. The style looks almost just like my mom's dress, and her bridesmaids wore those same pastel colors. They even wore those wide-brimmed hats!

I just had to share my excitement with you. Even if I don't actually use the patterns, I can use the pieces to decoupage because I've always thought that was a cool idea. Has anyone ever used vintage patterns for other creative projects? I'd love to hear about it!

Happy Thursday!

P.S. I've been changing my layout around. I think I like it now but I'm still not sure. What do you think?


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Granny squares and a fresh start

Have I really not posted since April? Where did the time go? I've been on summer break for about a month now but it's been a very lazy summer thus far and I'm not sure why. I decided to finally start this again and keep up with it. Hopefully I can stick with it.

I've been doing bits of crafty stuff this past month...embroidering, crocheting, making jewelry, and sewing a bit. I started making granny squares which are really fun! I was going to just make a granny square blanket with my scrap yarns, but I'm not sure about how all of the random different colors would look together. Then I thought maybe I could just do solid colored squares, but I'm not sure about that either. But I will do something with granny squares...we shall see what comes of it.

Starting with this post, I WILL continue being productive and crafting. I consider it a late start to a productive summer. I really want to open an Etsy shop this summer, too, so hopefully that will be happening soon!
I hope all of your summers are going well so far!